New to the world of receiving professional massages,  Marina has shown me the light. I now understand why people become regulars. Absolute bliss for the hour, followed by physical and mental euphoria AND calm all day?? Yes, please.

Marina’s touch is healing and skilled, her presence itself calm and healing. She asked what I wanted, but was also happy to take over and use her expertise. Which she then used to read my mind and give a far far better massage than I could have requested or imagined.

She’s one to follow, where ever she is practicing.


I have used Yelp so many times to check out different restaurants and services, but this is the first time I have bothered to write one.  I guess it’s because I feel that everyone should experience Marina’s massages!  I have received many massages before and truly Marina is by far one of the best around.

From the moment she starts my sessions, I am instantly relaxed.  I mean instantly.  I literally feel like my “busy” switch has been turned off and at that instant I am being transported into a quiet, soothing state.   There are many massage therapists around, and only a few people can take you to that zone.  Marina is one of those few.

Marina’s touch is gentle, nurturing and soft yet firm; and her pace and flow are simply wonderful.   She is also a good listener and I could tell she designed my sessions based on the areas I told her I needed work on.  Marina is warm and welcoming, and I just love getting massages from her.   Highly recommend!


It would be impossible for this review to do any justice to the care, sensing and beauty in Marina’s sessions.
A true bodyworker.
She has an impeccable and innate sense for space, and with a comfortable grace, Marina has the ability to bring you and your body to an innate place of joy and openness.
Time slows down, and your body is in a sacred place in her hands.
I received a Shiatsu massage from Marina, which I highly reccomend. Her touch is full of wisdom and promise.
Just go. 🙂


Marina’s massage was one of the very best that I have ever had.

Marina is very competent in different forms and styles of massage, and was able to combine “a soft and firm style”, as I requested. Before my massage, Marina asked me about areas of my body that were sensitive or needed extra attention. Afterwards, she gave me special excercizes and stretches to help me continue to work these areas. During the massage she  maintained communication with asking how much pressure was right for me.  This was great as a lot of massage therapists seem to just assume and never ask.  I appreciated her attention to detail, and above all, the care and warmth that I could feel in her hands.

She has a gift, and I left the room feeling renewed, and rejuvenated.

Marina exudes warmth and thoughtfulness in both personality and through her massage work.Her presence was exactly what I needed to relax.


As an avid proponent for massage, I’m can honestly say Marina is one of the best experiences I’ve had with a masseuse… Not only is her touch and technique wonderful, she’s also simply a gracious person.

When I was running late for my appointment, she helped me with directions, didn’t make me feel bad, and warmly welcomed me when I arrived. She asked about areas of my body I wanted extra attention given and listened and implemented work on my feedback. She also had one of the best rhythms I’ve experienced with a masseuse, none of the strokes or transitions felt jerky or unnatural.

Overall, it was a great massage/experience and I strongly recommend her!